MUSTANG 1964 :

Launched with an attractive price of $2,368 at that time, Ford Mustang became a hit amongst the youth of America. “When the Mustang was unveiled, the reaction was so positive that there was no doubt it was going to be a success,” recalls Joe Oros, chief designer of the Ford Mustang. On the very first day of launch, dealers saw 22,000 bookings of the mean machine. Within 12 months of the launch, 4,17,000 Mustangs were running on the American roads. 2 years later, the sales chart tallied to 1 million. That was a massive response from the buyers.

1965 – Caroll Shelby | The man who made this possible

Ford was in a really bad condition when it lost to Ferrari at the 24hours Le Mans. Carol Shelby and Ken Miles were the ones to save it from embarrassment. These guys were the minds behind the legendary Ford GT40. Then how could Ford not want Shelby to give his touch to the Mustang? The GT350 was introduced. It was the first mass-production car that was ready to roar on the racetracks as well. It was powered by a 4.7-litre V8 engine which produced a massive 306hp of power. Ken Miles won the class B Production racing driving the GT350. The car made it a point to embarrass the opponents for the next three years too.

1967 – The Mustang GT500 – Caroll’s Personal Favourite

“The first car that I’m really proud of” – Caroll Shelby. Powered by a 7.0-litre V8 engine capable of producing 355hp of power. There were less than 2000 units of the GT500 ever produced making it one of the most valuable Mustangs ever made. After featuring in the movie Gone in 60 seconds, the demand increased even more.

1968 – The Boss Has Arrived

Caroll Shelby was not the only one working his magic in the Mustang line up. Bunkie Knudsen and Larry Shinoda left GM in 1968 and joined Ford. They made the most famous Mustangs of all time, Boss 302 and Boss 429.

2015 – 50 years mark the entry of 6th generation

With the completion of 50 years, a brand new Mustang was introduced to the world. It was much sleeker and modern. Every corner, every inch was new and yet the Mustang’s 50 years of legacy was still visible in the new edition.

Mustang has come a long way and is still known as the American Muscle. It is sold across the globe and is the most sought-after sports car for those who like them big. With such a legacy and many more years to come, 56 years of time seems small.

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